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Translated by: Himalaya UK – Badman

Hudson Institute launched its new China Center on May 19th, which will be dedicated to crafting policy responses to keep America’s strategic focus on Communist China and foster a national and global dialogue rooted in the values of freedom and democracy.

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Under the leadership of Hudson Senior Fellow Dr. Miles Yu, who previously served as the senior Communist China policy and planning advisor at the State Department, this policy initiative will bring together leading Communist China experts, policy makers, and national leaders to solidify and extend the non-partisan national consensus on America’s approach to China.

Hudson Distinguished Fellow and former Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo will serve as the chair of the Center’s advisory board.  “The establishment of a China Center in Hudson, led by Yu Maochun, is a huge step forward in advancing the cause of democracy against the central threats of our time,” said Secretary Pompeo.

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“The Hudson was created to address existential threats to the United States and its allies, and today’s greatest threats,” said Hudson President and CEO John P. Walters.  “Our new center will bring together analysis and leadership to address this threat.”


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