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On May 18th in a live broadcast, Miles Guo shared some latest updates on the case of casino tycoon Steve Wynn lobbying former President Trump.

He said this case would not only make Steve Wynn subject to corresponding legal sanctions, but also force the bipartisan legislation to purge the Chinese Communist Party – CCP’s infiltration in the United States.

Forty-five major media around the world reporting this case opened a new page in the American judicial system, which has been heavily infiltrated by the CCP, and would also allow some other related cases such Broidy case and Higginbotham case to be reopened. More importantly, this would trigger an unprecedented fight between the two parties in the United States to track the CCP bribery interest chain because both current and former president are directly involved in this case. However, Miles Guo said he believes the two parties would eventually work together to pass legislation to uncover all those who have been colluding with CCP and the CCP’s spies lurking in the United States.

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