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Translated by: Himalaya Oxford Visionary – Billy

According to a report by the Central News Agency (CNA) on May 18th, four military planes from Communist China intruded into Taiwan’s southwest air defense identification zone (ADIZ) today, with two of them approaching the end of the center line in the Taiwan Strait.

Image Source: cna

According to reports, the intrusion force from Communist China into Taiwan’s airspace today were one Yun-8 technical reconnaissance aircraft, one Yun-8 long-distance interference aircraft, and two J-16 aircraft, of which both flying trajectories are quite close to the end of the center line in the Taiwan Strait.

The Taiwan Air Force sent air patrol troops to respond, also with broadcast repulsions, and used anti-aircraft missiles system to track and monitor.

Image Source: yahoo

According to the statistics from Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, a total of 38 sorties were conducted on October 1st, 2021; 39 on October 2nd, 16 on October 3rd, and 56 on October 4th of the same year.  This is also the highest number of sorties since Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense used the form of dynamic announcing military developments.  In addition, 39 sorties were conducted on January 23 of this year, it is the highest number of sorties so far this year.


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