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Translated by MOS-English Team Mark Wen

The Mainichi Daily News, a major Japanese media outlet, reported that on May 17, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit in US District Court in Washington D.C., against Steve Wynn, a businessman with close ties to former president Trump, to register him as a “Chinese agent” under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The Justice Department further noted that Steve Wynn lobbied then-President Trump in 2017 to deport Miles Guo (Chinese name “Guo, Wengui”), a critic of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the United States, back to the Communist China.

According to the report, Miles Guo was charged with corruption by the Chinese government for criticizing the CCP and exposing corruption among the Party leaders. The CCP instructed Sun Lijun, then Vice Minister of Public Security of the Communist China, to ask Elliott Broidy, a senior finance officer of the US Republican National Committee, and others, to urge Trump to cancel Miles Guo’s visa and deport him from the US.

It is rare for a major Japanese media outlet to report news of Miles Guo and his Whistleblower Movement against the CCP, especially Miles Guo’s own stories and photos.

This shows that the attitude of the world’s democracies towards the CCP has reached a certain consensus. That is, to eliminate the CCP completely so that humanity can develop.

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