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Translated by: OX Translation Team – Lisa

On May 13th, Miles Guo answered questions from his fellow fighters on broadcast Live.  He said that the new NATO in the future must be centered on Kyiv rather than Belgium today.  Fellow fighters asked Miles if the EU and NATO will disintegrate, and when to plant the flag in Kyiv. 

Miles believed that what happened in Kyiv is a goal, not necessarily to be achieved.  But NATO will be strong, and strictly speaking NATO has disintegrated.  It is not the current NATO, but an enlarged version of NATO.  Because Ukraine has fought the justice of mankind, Russia has failed.

Image Source: the USA print

Before the Russia-Ukraine war, Miles said that as long as the war lasted for two weeks, the United Nations, human rights organizations, WTO and NATO, all should be moved to Kyiv, and Kyiv should be rebuilt and built into a new European center of politics, economy, and culture, which no one believed and ridiculed at that time, but now the Europeans agree.  Miles solemnly proclaimed, “Remember what I said today, the new NATO of the future must be centered in Kyiv, not in Belgium today.”


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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