In early March, Ms. Teresa, a lady who works for a local children’s charity in Barcelona, Spain asked a fellow fighter of NFSC whether they could rescue dozens of kids from a children’s charity in Ukraine after learning that NFSC is organizing international rescue activities. The NFSC Rescue Mission team has successfully rescued all 96 children together with several teachers along the way for a total of 113 people. They are now at a hotel in Poland to rest. The New Federal State of China will arrange for flight to Spain for them later. All the rescue costs for food, accommodations and flight were paid by The New Federal State of China. Teresa and other local Ukrainian expressed their deep gratitude to the NFSC and the Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF), praising the rescue team as “angels”.

The citizens of the New Federal State of China are consistently in pursuit of love, peace, freedom, and the rule of law. The Chinese Communist Party can never represent Chinese people!

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