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On May 16, 2022, at the Medyka Refugee Relief Center in Poland, a university professor from Poland, Talbert Kupkaf, disclosed the situation of the CCP’s Confucius Institute in Poland, calling its director the queen of Communist. Talbot was very interested in the New Federal State of China, and even put on the vest of the Rule of Law Foundation to take down the Communist Party. He was very willing to help us spread the idea of ​​the New Federal State of China.

The following is the content of the interview between Nicole, a volunteer of the Rule of Law Foundation and the New Federal State of China and a university professor from Poland.

Nicole: “May I know your name?

Professor: “My name is Talbert Kupkaf, and I come from Poland, a small town in the west and southwest of Poland. Compared with the size of China, there are only 170,000 inhabitants where I live, which is too small, but it is very quiet and peaceful. Our university has a history of 65 years, and it is worth visiting. I’m afraid that there are two Chinese organizations only in my area. One is Confucius Institute, and the other is a Taiwan teaching organization, so our university also has Taiwanese teaching Chinese.”

Nicole: “Wow, what university do you work at?”

Professor: “In Wszechnica Polska.”

Nicole: “I see. It’s obvious you are very interested in our new Federal State of China, and you are wearing our vest. This (the Whistleblowers’ Movement) is a massive movement dedicated to bringing freedom, peace, democracy, and the rule of law to the Chinese people. We have small flyers with our official website and we have a new website Our Rule of Law Foundation is based in New York. All of our rescue operations are sponsored by the Rule of Law Foundation. We also have, I can give you the website and you can follow up on GNews.”

Professor: “I’m very happy to know you further, and I can also spread this information in our university because some students want to learn Chinese, which is a good thing for them.”

Nicole: “I know you have been to China, and there may be some Chinese students and friends. How do you feel and how do you understand our new federal State of China?”

Professor: “I believe we can understand each other. Usually, we don’t talk too much about politics. I call the head of our Confucius Institute the “Queen of Communism” who is queening over others and is a woman of efficiency. We can discuss other topics other than politics.”

Nicole: “Speaking of education, you know, the CCP has been infiltrating academic communities.

Professor: “Yes, everywhere.”

Nicole: “Yes, through Confucius Institutes. They have set up Confucius Institutes in North America and Europe. The Confucius Institutes are run by the Chinese Communist Party and are more like a political tool rather than a real academic institution. The purpose of Confucius Institute is to infiltrate the education system all over the world so that the communist ideology can be implanted in the younger generation to change the color of the world. So we have to be very careful about this issue and it is not real academic freedom.”

Professor: “So, I also hope to change that situation.”

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Source: 资料来源:郭文贵先生2022年5月17日盖特视频

Original Article:波兰大学教授称波兰孔子学院负责人是“共产主义女王” – GNEWS

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