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Translated by: MOS Translation Team – NaN

On May 9th, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill establishing November 7th as “Victims of Communism Day.”

Image Source: the guardian

The bill took effect immediately in Florida and requires the State Board of Education to adopt the new standards by April 2023.  The bill aims to honor victims of communist regimes around the world.

Florida’s public schools will educate students about the truth about communism, adding to the curriculum the history of various communist regimes and their leaders.  For the 2023-2024 school year, students must receive at least 45 minutes of such courses.

Image Source: mises

DeSantis mentioned that the younger generation have little understanding about the political ideology.  He hoped that students could understand the evil nature of communist dictatorship, the oppression of the people by communist dictators, and the suffering of the victims.  Communist totalitarianism and dictatorship are in contradiction with America’s principles of freedom and democracy.  To ensure the tower of freedom stands, understanding communism and the value of freedom will be essential.


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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