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2022, at the Medyka Refugee Rescue Center in Poland, the Rule of Law Foundation and the New Federal State of China Volunteer Jing Liang explain to volunteers from the UK why the New Federal State of China are willing to take down the CCP.  The British volunteer loves Hong Kong very much where he once lived. He empathized that many people had been forced to leave Hong Kong.

The following are the highlights of the interviews between Jing Liang and the British volunteer.

British volunteer: “Thank you! How did you get involved in these people?”

Jing Liang: “Okay. We follow the New Federal State of China, and our leader Guo Wengui has been revealing top-secret information from the top of the CCP, because he has many contacts within the CCP government who are all good people and are willing to serve the public. But the Communist Party have monopolized power, which is why they have limited choices. They understand the evil of the Communist Party, so they are willing to send intelligence to warn the world of the secret plan of the Communist Party. As everyone knows now, the CCP are funding this war and they are cooperating with Putin, which is shameless.”

British Volunteer: “Totally agree.”

Jing Liang: “That’s why I also think it’s important to stand up and make a clear statement, not only against the CCP, but also against other potential aggressors.”

British Volunteer: “Of course.”

Jing Liang: “Actions speak aloud and speak less. In the past 30 years (the CCP) have always been saying they will donate or raise funds, and then nothing happens. Now we are here, and everything is put into action.”

British volunteer: “Are there many Hong Kong people in the New Federal State of China?”

Jing Liang: “Indeed. Many supporters of the New Federal State of China come from Hong Kong, but I am the only one from Hong Kong who come here to be volunteers. Let’s put it this way that our colleagues come from all over the world, basically they are Chinese all over the world.”

British volunteer: “I understand. I have a friend who is from Hong Kong, and his family have to move out of Hong Kong. They will move to the UK in August, and many families are also moving out of Hong Kong. Some of which are moving to the UK, some to Australia or Canada. I do believe that it’s really a tragedy because I really love Hong Kong.”

Jing Liang: “I love Hong Kong, too.”

British Volunteer: “Yes, it’s really a pity that they feel they can’t stay any longer. You know, now the media are completely controlled.”

Jing Liang: “Yes, totally controlled by power. Besides, there is no real election at all in China. Candidates are confirmed by the CCP in the name of national security, which means you can only vote the candidates who they decide.”

British Volunteer: “Yeah, I know, they call it an election, but it’s not democratic at all.”

Jing Liang: “Yes, it’s a fake democracy, and everything is fake. Yes, that’s why I’m here. Let’s put it this way, obviously, in theory, I can go back to Hong Kong, which, in reality, is not a good idea.”

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