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In the second live broadcast on May 18, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo talks about Gao Yanyan, Wang Qishan, Peking University, nucleic acid test, Steve Wynn, Zhao Changpeng, North Korea, and Li Keqiang. Below are the highlights of the broadcast. 

1. Gao Yanyan told everyone she met that since Miles Guo started the Whistleblowers Movement, Wang Qishan never lost his temper with her. Wang Qishan is afraid that Gao Yanyan will betray him, and her testimony can lead to his arrest. Gao Yan Yan controls almost 50% of Wang Qishan’s assets, which account for at least 20% of China’s wealth. After terminating the CCP, much of China’s wealth will be taken back from Gao’s hands. Neil Shen, Yan Yan, and Shan Weijian are proxy owners of the CCP’s assets, and all the stolen money will be recovered.

2. The CCP can’t continue the nucleic acid test anymore. Their pre-war psychological, economic and social order stress tests produced almost no answer.

3. Peking University is the brothel of spirit and life. Mr. Guo is the only person in the history of Peking University who donated $1 billion in cash and declined its invitation to become a trustee.

4. Many digital currencies plummeted following Bitcoin’s sell-off, but now Bitcoin has remained stable, suggesting human manipulation and at least $500 billion was involved. All digital currencies have market makers.

5. The person who helped Zhao Changpeng get Binance’s license revealed that Zhao approached him to find out where he could have surgery to change his face.

6. Yesterday, Mr. Bannon was very excited about the Steve Wynn case, but he is facing tremendous threats not to talk about it on his podcast because the case would expose the Republicans to severe attacks from the Democrats.

7. The volatility index (VIX) is fake because the people who designed it also control it.

8. Chinese people who contract the CCP virus are left to die in quarantine, while North Korean Covid patients are given food and drink from the CCP. North Korea’s four Covid measures show that Kim Jong-un is more skillful than Xi: (1) No nucleic acid test; (2) People stay at home; (3) The local government has the authority to deal with the infected dead; (4) Ask the world for money.

9. The ruble is rising against the dollar because Russia forces other countries to buy energy with the ruble and then artificially inflates the exchange rate, but no one elsewhere will willingly accept the ruble.

10. Xi Jinping can make Li Keqiang disappear instantly.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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