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In the first live broadcast on May 18, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo believes that the massive media coverage of Steve Wynn will take the revelation of the CCP’s infiltration of the American judiciary to a new level. He also talks about the latest blockchain and computing technology and the CCP’s ambition to control digital currencies. Below are the highlights of the broadcast. 

Latest Reports from Ukraine Rescue

Brother Maoben and five other brothers in arms are in quarantine due to the CCP virus. Eight new comrades have arrived at the camp to reinforce. Japanese comrades brought hand-folded “one thousand origami cranes” to the front line to pray for peace for the Ukrainian people. Singaporean comrades also brought local delicacies. Mr. Guo sent Nicole autographed GFashion clothes.

The yellow-skinned Chinese representing the newly founded New Federal State of China (NFSC) to save the Western women and children in war is remarkable beyond words. Brothers in arms should cherish every minute, love and help each other, not infight, and not seek fame or fortune. The salvation of oneself is more important than rescuing refugees. Building the image of the NFSC comes first, and rescuing the refugees comes second.

A 101-year-old Japanese man found it astonishing that the Rule of Law Foundation received tens of millions of donations.

Europe will strengthen cooperation with the United States and further decouple from the CCP.

The CCP and Russia, who hate to see the EU getting too close to the US, have the most interest in provoking the EU-US relationship. Mr. Guo first proposed the concept of decoupling, which kept the old bastards at Zhongnanhai awake for a few nights. The purpose of the European economic conference was to investigate the assets of Putin, Russian oligarchs, Xi, and communists to prepare for draconian sanctions.

Despite Yellen being Shan Weijian’s mentor, Yellen recently changed her view and considered the CCP and Xi Jinping as threats to the world.

A pro-CCP European leader had a conversation with Yellen and told Mr. Guo, “Yellen always speaks for the CCP, but this time she said that the biggest crisis in the world now is the CCP, strictly speaking, Xi Jinping, because she had obtained information that Xi’s health was finished, that he really wanted to attack Taiwan, and that he dared to drop a nuclear bomb on Europe.”

Yellen was Shan Weijian’s mentor. Only Wang Qishan and Shan Weijian can convince Yellen that Xi’s health is poor. Letting her know the news is unimportant but convincing her is more critical. Yellen’s changing view indicates the struggle within the CCP has progressed to the phase of self-destruction. Taking down the CCP by the US is only a means to an end; ultimately, the CCP will destroy itself. 

The CCP prefers the “siege but not attack” strategy on Taiwan at the moment. 

At a conference, a European military official told the audience the latest intelligence on the CCP’s plan on Taiwan, including the infiltration of TSMC and the CCP’s three strategies to attack Taiwan, which are exactly the same as that Mr. Guo disclosed. The difference is that the “siege but not attack” strategy ranks as the first choice now, which will cause greater problems to the world economy.

The CCP controls USDT for three purposes.

USDT is definitely controlled by Peter Ma, Wang Qishan, and Wall Street. Their focus is to leverage financial tools to achieve three goals: internationalize the digital yuan, capture the blockchain market, and gain access to customer information. 

USDT is a good case study to collect evidence of the CCP’s infiltration of the West. When USDT gets to a large scale, the CCP will have the ability to negotiate with the US because USDT can be used as a backup to the digital dollar. However, when the US wants to take USDT out, small investors will be the first ones to be sacrificed. 

The digital yuan will not succeed and will only be used to scam the Chinese. The Himalaya Exchange can get around the blockchain system that the CCP is developing.

Zhao Changpeng is a good tool for taking down the CCP.

Zhao Changpeng promised to pay $2.5 billion for the license. After the cryptocurrency sell-off, he lost another billion dollars and has little money left. Next, he will cheat all the Binance account holders. Eventually, he will be imprisoned for committing fraud or murdered. 

Binance has over $100 billion in debt, and Mr. Guo could have had Binance’s license revoked immediately.

Bitcoin rebound because it is the state’s last tool for money laundering.

After the market crash, the most stable digital currency is still Bitcoin, but it won’t be used as a stable currency in the future. Bitcoin involves Iran, the CCP, Wall Street, Russia, and small Middle Eastern countries. Once these people find a safer currency, Bitcoin will be gone. This new currency will not be USDT or Ethereum but Himalaya Coin and Tang Ping Coin. 

Fear of long-arm jurisdiction, the rest of the world will not adopt digital currencies originating from the US.

On May 5, the EU started discussing the digital euro, and next will be the digital dollar. The world is fleeing the US dollar’s long-arm jurisdiction. Digital currencies were invented to replace fiat currencies, end the dollar or challenge it. Therefore, the rest of the world will not adopt digital currencies originating from the US.

Wang Qishan is working on BSN (Blockchain-based Service Network), the latest blockchain, but he will be defeated by Himalaya Coin’s new technology. 

Wang Qishan’s latest BSN center is a collaboration between the PLA Intelligence Department, blockchain developers from Israel and Japan, and American investors. One of the key figures is Gao Yanyan. Wang Qishan’s BSN uses the 4th to 5th generation blockchain technology, DNA-based bio-computers, and quantum computers to make all the current blockchain technology obsolete.

The CCP’s BSN intends to set up a new blockchain standard, for which the CCP has perfectly calculated plans, but the CCP also has the usual problem of defrauding the boss and employees. The CCP’s BSN will be defeated by our Himalaya Coin’s new technology. 

The Himalaya Exchange will be the owner of the fifth generation of blockchain technology.

It is beyond your imagination that the major shareholders of the Himalaya Exchange are the foremost investors and owners of the fifth generation of blockchain technology, with the most advanced software, hardware, and intellectual property in the world. Several people in charge of the BSN projects are our brothers in arms.

Gettr will own data centers in the future.

The Himalaya Exchange has a lot of secret weapons to defend against the CCP’s attacks. Gettr will own data centers in the future.

Quantum computers will push the NFSC to new heights.

Quantum computers and bio-computers will develop in tandem and help people find a way to communicate with God. Quantum computers will be implemented in two or three years. Many talented people like Elon Musk will emerge in the future at which point most people will forget about Tesla.

The Great Recession triggered by the vaccine disaster will last about a decade.

After the vaccine disaster, Jewish civilization, American-centered industrial civilization, and Chinese oriental civilization will suffer the most. Until the CCP is wiped out, its suppression of the NFSC will worsen. Our voice is like shouting from the 19th level of hell, very hard, but we will win.

The Hong Kong dollar will disappear, and the RMB will become worthless paper, provided the CCP’s economy collapses and decouples from the West.

The decoupling of Hong Kong and the US is not their wish but because of the third party, the CCP. The CCP has blocked all the channels for Hong Kong people to get wealthy.

First, the CCP has taken away the shipping and trade businesses. Second, political suppression has triggered the exodus of professionals and led to the loss of the financial center status. Third, all other services, such as the real estate and movie industry, have collapsed.

The Russia-Ukraine war forced nations to pick sides.

The CCP continues to support Russia, and Xi will not stop.

Israel is an opportunist and has a good relationship with Russia but is gradually turning to Ukraine. The Russia-Ukraine war will involve all countries, and eventually, everyone has to pick sides.

The Brazilian president changing sides to Russia has had a huge impact on the Brazilian economy. Brazil is a major agricultural country that China, the US, Russia, and other major countries will compete to win over. However, Brazil does not have a lofty ideal and will cooperate with whoever offers the most money. It will eventually side with the US in the Russia-Ukraine war.

The massive media coverage of Steve Wynn will push the revelation of the CCP’s infiltration and BGY (Blue-Internet, Gold-Money, Yellow-Sex) of the American judiciary to a new level.

Sun Lijun contacted Steve Wynn on behalf of Xi Jinping regarding the repatriation of Mr. Miles Guo, while Li Ka-shing, who represents the Jiang family, clarified that the matter has nothing to do with the Jiang family, and Jiang Zhicheng offered to help with a reconciliation.

To repatriate Mr. Guo, Sun Lijun offered to let the US deport 60,000 Chinese, and the CCP would return 18 US spies captured in China and provide DNA samples of the North Korea’s Kim family.

The Steve Wynn case coming out now is also a big deal for the US. After the midterm elections, Congress will definitely investigate Steve Wynn, Elliott Broidy, and others and will definitely find out if the Chinese who attacked Miles Guo have any ties to the CCP, which Americans cooperated with the CCP, and who in the Justice Department took the money. Finding the money links behind all of Miles Guo’s legal cases will locate the CCP’s financial map, judicial corruption map, and political connections map in the US. The NFSC will leverage the maps to show the West all the truth.

All of Steve Wynn’s positions in the Republican Party would be removed, and all of his donations would have to be returned. Any attempt to erase information about Wynn’s links to the CCP will be a crime of destruction of evidence.

The Wynn case will start a competition between the two parties in the US to dig up the CCP’s influence-peddling chain. Because it involves the former and current presidents, both parties will get into the fight. Those who have colluded with the CCP will all be uncovered. In the end, the US will legislate to reveal all the CCP spies, destroy the CCP with all their might, and recognize the NFSC.

The CCP cares most about their illegitimate children.

Zhu Yunlai has a bunch of illegitimate children. Bruno Wu’s son is in New York. Jack Ma and Peter Ma also have children out of wedlock. None of the top CCP officials who contacted Mr. Guo in the last six months believe that the CCP has another five or ten years.

Mr. Guo has seen UFOs with his own eyes several times.

Now that the US Congress has officially acknowledged UFOs. It shows that humanity is in the midst of a huge change and has entered the age of UFOs, with the US being the first country to benefit from UFO technology.

There will be more good news after June 20.

After June 20, you will probably hear more good news about the NFSC, Himalaya Exchange, G series, and significant developments of the US in eliminating the CCP. This is the darkest year for humanity but also the most hopeful year for brothers in arms.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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