Author:Yunbuqi (云不器)

Produced by:Himalaya NZ subtitle team, Eden Voice

The CCP used the excuse of “zeroing out the virus” to lock the people at home for a long time. At the same time, the food supply and distribution services provided to the people were not in place, causing people to die of starvation, illness, jumping off buildings, and depression. The cruel facts made ordinary people start to think about why and how this happened; people realized that they were tortured so much and forced to buy high-priced food provided by the government, which was carefully arranged by the CCP for the needs of its rule. The CCP’s extreme stress test has made everyone suffer, and it is also the real beginning of the Chinese people’s realization of the true face of the CCP. CCP is the biggest root cause of all disasters.


Post by: shuiyunjian(水云间)