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Steve Wynn was born in New Haven, Connecticut to a wealthy family in 1942. In 1967, Wynn moved to Las Vegas with his family and started his venture in the hotel and casino business.

In 1998, he opened the ever more opulent Bellagio, featuring a shooting fountain choreography, which is now considered the landmark of Las Vegas. In 2004, through his deft dealings in casino business and resort company publicly listing, he became a billionaire. In 2006, Mr Wynn successfully won the bid and opened Wynn Macau casinos, which later on became the fifth Asian hotel to win a Mobil five-star award. In 2016, again in Macau, he opened Wynn Palace. It is estimated his business interests in China are over tens of billion dollars.

On the records, Mr Wynn has been making donations to both Democratic and Republican parties. Mr Wynn worked in president Trump’s company as early as in 1991, of which the employment turned into legal battles over disputes of his bonus payment. In 1997, Wynn sued president Trump over violation of antitrust laws, to which Trump denied such accusation and responded with counter lawsuit. In 2000, Wynn settled with Trump and since then they became friends. In 2017 Trump appointed Wynn as his vice president of his inauguration ceremony committee. In the same year, Mr Wynn was named finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, wielding his enormous influence and power deeply inside the Washington DC establishment.  

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Miles was approached by Wynn’s reps to seek settlements and truce on legal battles. However, unlike president Trump, Miles rejected their offer, which can only be business interests in billions considering Mr Wynn’s status, out right. In Miles’ live broadcast on May 18 commenting on this breaking news, he said, “this is a victory I deserve for risking my life.”

According to the DOJ’s new release, in 2017 Mr Wynn lobbied president Trump and his administration to revoke MIles’ visa and extradite him back to China. DOJ is suing Mr Wynn to compel him to register as an agent for China in compliance with related regulations. Since Miles Guo left China in 2014 for the US and embarked the whistleblower movement to take down the Chinese government, he has been accused by many including power figures and mainstream media as a China’s agent or double agent, he has been through three administrations, including Obama, Trump, and Biden from both parties and vetted and scrutinized by the authorities, those accusations are all found to be groundless according to the court’s rulings.

Mr Wynn’s father changed their family name from Weinberg to Wynn to avoid anti-Jewish sentiments while Miles has been seen him showing his gratitude and appreciation to Jewish people numerous times through his live broadcasts. President Trump chose to settle with Mr Wynn and befriend him while Miles holds his ground and rejects Mr Wynn’s offer of massive business interests. The truth of who is China’s agent and who is all for taking down the CCP for love and peace in the world can’t be more obvious.

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