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Translated by: MOS English Team — Juliet

On May 18, the U.S. Department of Justice indicted five Chinese in the United States, one Chinese-American citizen and four Chinese National Security Agency personnel, accusing them of participating in monitoring Chinese dissidents in the United States, including one unnamed Hong Kong pro-democracy activist.

Image Source: washington post

The indictment shows that among the five defendants, Wang Shujun, 73, is from Queens, New York. The other four, He Feng, 49, Li Ming, 40, Ji Jie, 50, and Lv Keqing, 61, are from Communist China.

Image Source: rfa

The Justice Department pointed out that Wang Shujun was charged in March this year for acting as an agent of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He participated in planning a crackdown while in the United States. Under the instructions of Chinese Ministry of National Security, he and four Chinese state security officials had been collecting information for a long time and monitoring the whereabouts of Chinese dissidents and human rights leaders abroad including Hong Kong pro-democracy activists, Taiwan independence advocates, and Uighur and Tibetan activists.


Edited by: MikeHua
Posted by: Peter Chen

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