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Translated by: MOS English Team-Jack H

At Gettr Livestream on May 18th, Miles exposed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) established a BSN center in Hong Kong to control the global digital currency, which is a blockchain system in forth and fifth generation technology, jointly developed by the PLA Intelligence Department, Wang Qishan’s lover Gao Yanyan, and some Israeli blockchain experts. This system is integrated with quantum and biological computer. Although its structure looks clever, and the CCP is very good at scheming, as you know, the CCP deceits and steals in every aspect. Ff course, this project deceits from top and bottom. As Miles revealed there are our fellow fighters in BSN and could show their technology at any time.

Image Source: the currency analytics

The public trading of the Himalaya Coin is what the CCP fears the most, as whatever its technology and design, BSN is not a competitor at all. Meanwhile, the ones are among the Himalaya Reserve’s investors who are also the investors and owners of fifth-generation blockchains, including both software and hardware. When the world’s new blockchain system is upgraded again in 2023, the Reserve will become the owner of the intellectual property rights of the fifth-generation blockchain technology. The competition of the future blockchains will focus on better computer technology, faster network speed, more encrypted system, as well as freer and more decentralized user experience. Furthermore, the old SWIFT organization-to-organization model will be gradually phased out, and replaced by the blockchain without borders, but individualization, and free transactions with more privacy.


Edited by:  MikeHua
Posted by: Peter Chen

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