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Translated by: MOS English Team – Wenqin

Hong Kong Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress (DBA) members today verbally questioned whether the government would consider expanding the scope of elderly health care vouchers to cover all age groups, including adding a children’s health care voucher scheme and injecting HK$2,000 per year into each children’s health care voucher account. The Secretary for Food and Health, Mr. Chan Siu-chi, said that the implementation of this plan has not been considered for the time being. He also said that a blueprint for primary care and health services will be launched during the term of office of the current Government. It has been questioned by the establishment members and has been unable to justify it in every way.

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Naturally, the elderly people are naturally the weakest group of people, and the Hong Kong Government’s medical allowance has been tilted towards the elderly, with an annual health care voucher of HK$2,000 given to elderly people aged 65 or above since 2009. The medical resources of ordinary citizens are mainly public hospitals and community clinics. Most Hong Kong people have the habit of purchasing medical insurance. When necessary, they cannot be limited to public medical resources, and can choose private doctors and private hospitals to get timely treatment. Today, members of the DAB proposed to the Hong Kong Government to provide medical vouchers to Hong Kong people of all ages, including children, but they were rejected by the current administration.

What is the serious situation that makes the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s lackeys, the DAB, so concerned about the health of the citizens? Isn’t it just a secondary disaster of the CCP virus vaccine? More than 90% of the citizens have been vaccinated against the CCP virus, and after the pandemic has in control for so long, the emergency rooms in public hospitals are still full, there is always a shortage of beds in medical wards, and experts are constantly warning the public in the media about the high incidence of various cancers and chronic diseases, and even children are warned by experts to guard against various sequelae of CCP virus. Even if the current Government rejects the proposal, the new government must approve this motion as soon as possible, because more and more people’s health condition is worsening, which will inevitably trigger action to hold the vaccination accountable, and the Hong Kong Government which asked for mandatory vaccination will be surely hold the accountability.   Early preparation of universal health care vouchers, not only can correspondingly reduce the public’s medical burden, also to relieve the grievances of the people, bring positive image for the new Government.


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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