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On May 13th in a video post on GETTR, Miles Guo shared some latest news of GFashion.

He said the top five Italian manufacturers are producing GFashion’s products, the brand has massive markets and potential fashion value.

In addition, its ideology of “Taking Down the Chinese Communist Party – CCP” has attracted some of the world’s top institutions willing to co-host the 2024 Global Fashion Show with GFashion.

Miles Guo pointed out that after the world has gone through a tragic war and a disastrous economic collapse, the concept of fashion will definitely be different from today.

In addition to the inherent attributes of glamour, fashion and creativity, there will be more political, economic, and religious elements incorporated. Therefore, in the 2024 fashion show, GFashion will be the world’s top and exclusive brand and the new era of fashion belongs to people of the New Federal State of China.

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