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According to Canada’s “CTV News” report on May 11, Quebec’s latest audit report pointed out that due to the Quebec government’s unpreparedness and slow response to the outbreak, the province has lost nearly $1 billion in purchasing personal protective equipment. 

The province’s first confirmed case of infection began on February 27, 2020, but it wasn’t until March 22, 2020 that the Ministry of Health began its first bulk purchases of personal protective equipment at high prices, the report said. By the end of March 2021,  the province has already lost $938 million to the sharp drop in the price of these equipment.

In addition, the provincial government has filed a $170 million lawsuit over undelivered or questionable equipment orders.  Although Premier Francois Legault  has repeatedly shied away from his responsibilities on the grounds that “this pandemic is unprecedented”, his government’s lack of sound management and planning has become a fact that has been criticized by all walks of life.

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