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Recently, the telecommunication departments of many provinces in CCP China were ordered to shut down the function of receiving international calls and SMS messages from cell phones. Some analysts believe that the CCP is preparing for the next step of blocking control, blocking the Internet, and blocking the country in order to become the next North Korea.

It is now confirmed that this operation has been implemented in many places throughout the Chinese Communist Party, including the provinces of Henan, Jiangxi, Liaoning, Guizhou, and Zhejiang, which have been successively shutting down international, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan SMS reception since August last year.

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Some analysts believe that there are more and more signs that the CCP is expanding its lockdown and that the gates of the country are closing fast. In fact, the CCP is preparing for the next step of blocking control, closing the country and blocking the Internet. SMS and phone control are just two of the primary methods of implementation. They are blocking and controlling from weak to strong, and most importantly, it is going to be a full blockade.

Some netizens even said in one sentence that this restriction of freedom of communication by the CCP authorities is blatantly unconstitutional and a regression to a second North Korea. This is also a manifestation of the CCP authorities’ intrusion into the cult of the individual and the consolidation of power.

In addition, some commentators said that in history, whenever the CCP starts to close its doors, it must be a time when its internal crisis is very serious, and when the CCP regime is faltering, it will instinctively tighten its control.

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多省关闭接听国际电话功能 分析:中共扩大锁国

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