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Translated by MOS English Team -Mark Wen

In a live broadcast on May 18, Miles Guo pointed out that quantum computers and biotechnology will change everything for mankind. It is God’s will that humans rule the earth and become the dominant on the earth. When people contemplate whether humans evolved from apes, they start to establish beliefs.

The quantum computer can solve tens of thousands of years of human calculations in a few seconds, behind which the biological computer and DNA computer are developing in parallel. The biological computer is like the computer that has found God, and the quantum computer provides a channel for man to communicate with God.

Miles said he saw the human genetic map during 1998-99, and later he was shocked by the early Internet boom. His dream is to lead the world to create a new era, that is, through quantum and biological computers, finance and networks, digital currencies, to find the joy of human exploration, and to build a kingdom of freedom and faith in heart.

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