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In January 2017, Mr. Guo Wengui exposed the evil deeds of the CCP on the Internet for the first time, and since then he has set off a vigorous anti-communist and anti-communist movement.

In fact, before this, the CCP had already learned through internal channels that Mr. Guo had the information about the illegitimate children of the CCP’s high-level officials overseas and the network layout of overseas funds, as well as the CCP’s attempt to defeat the United States and rule the world through unrestricted warfare. So after Mr. Guo began to reveal the truth, the CCP understood that this revolution would be a huge and substantial threat to its regime.

In order to get Mr. Guo to stop his revelations, the CCP used almost all the overseas forces it could muster, working on multiple fronts simultaneously to try to repatriate Mr. Guo.

As time went on, relevant reports gradually surfaced, and the context of the entire incident became clearer. Based on some media reports and relevant legal documents that have already been made public, the author sorts out the entire incident, organizes it into several clues, and forms a series, introducing several of the repatriation routes and the characters involved, so as to help readers understand the process of of this major event.

In early April 2017, Mr. Guo agreed to be interviewed live by Voice of America on 19 April. On 14 April, Voice of America sent out a short teaser video for the live interview. The Chinese Communist Party, through the channels of its undercover agent Gong Xiaoxia, got part of the revelation in advance and was very fearful of this revelation.

Therefore, the CCP has used various methods to try to prevent this live broadcast. Hours before the April 19 interview, the CCP, through Interpol, controlled by Meng Hongwei, issued a red notice to Mr. Guo. At the same time, it is widely reported in China, hoping to guide the direction of the live broadcast, so as to achieve the purpose of using a lot of live broadcast time to discuss the relevant issues of the red notice, and at the same time, it can also reduce the credibility of Mr. Guo’s revelations. This red notice has also become one of the reasons for the subsequent repatriation.

Starting in May 2017, the Chinese Communist Party attempted to repatriate Mr Guo from Abu Dhabi (see the first article in this series: The Abu Dhabi route, short video link).

After the Abu Dhabi route failed, Liu Yanping was sent to New York to meet with Mr. Guo to persuade him to return to China (see Part II of this series: Liu Yanping’s visit to the US, short video link), and Sun Lijun was sent to the US to try to urge the US to repatriate Mr. Guo, starting with the Justice Department (see Part III of this series: Sun Lijun’s visit to the US).

Mr. Guo, based on his trusting relationship with Abu Dhabi and the advance information he received, was able to defeat all of these repatriation plans.

After the failure of Liu Yanping and Sun Lijun, Broidy began to look for alternative repatriation options, and he found Steve Wynn.

According to Wikipedia, Steve Wynn is an American casino and real estate tycoon who played a major role in the rise of the Las Vegas casino industry in the 1990s, and is close to President Trump as he was appointed vice chairman of his inauguration ceremony after his election in 2016.

And Steve Wynn’s casino business in Macau is also very big and is Steve Wynn’s main source of income. On the other hand, Macau casino licenses need to be re-approved every year, which is the underlying motive for Steve Wynn’s collusion with the Chinese Communist Party and his involvement in Mr Guo’s deportation.

According to the Justice Department’s Nikki Davis document (Section 103), on June 27th, Broidy approached Steve Wynn to discuss Mr. Guo’s deportation. Broidy sent a letter to Steve Wynn mentioning that Mr Guo’s visa expired on 30 June and that Interpol had issued a Red Notice against Mr Guo on 19 April.

Broidy’s proposal to Steve Wynn was that the US government rejected Mr. Guo’s visa renewal application and added Mr. Guo to the no-fly list (presumably to prohibit Mr. Guo from entering other countries by air). The Hong Kong government will then request extradition on the grounds that “Mr. Guo used false materials to apply for a US visa”. Hong Kong will send someone to take Mr. Guo away. Because there is an extradition treaty between the United States and Hong Kong, there is no legal problem with this method.

The quid pro quo is: China agrees to repatriate those the U.S. requests to repatriate to the U.S., and accepts those the U.S. requests to repatriate to China. In addition, the CCP also offered to provide cooperation on the North Korean issue.

On 28 June, Broidy met with Steve Wynn at a party. Following this meeting, Broidy, through Steve Wynn’s wife, sent a message to Steve Wynn (Department of Justice v. Davis document, section 104).

“… I just received a message from Sun Lijun, who wants to know what is happening now with Guo’s visa issue, as the timing is critical. Has the visa application been approved or denied? Can you confirm whether Guo is on the Department of Homeland Security’s no-fly list? …”

This shows that Sun Lijun is the driving force behind this repatriation route.

At the end of June 2017, Steve Wynn took the information, along with a personal letter from Xi, and handed it to Trump, demanding the repatriation of Mr. Guo. The Wall Street Times reported on October 22, 2017 some details at the time.

This incident alarmed many White House officials, including Bannon, Sessions, and Pompeo. According to the “Washington Times” report on October 25, 2017, Sessions told Trump at the time that if Mr. Guo was deported, he would resign, which shows that Sessions is firmly opposed to deportation. This should also be the reason why Sessions did not meet with Sun Lijun when he was in Washington.

So not only Sessions, but several other people present at the time, including Bannon and Pompeo, also stepped forward to protect Mr. Guo and prevent Trump from repatriating. President Trump ultimately did not sign the repatriation, so this route of the CCP ultimately failed.

Sun Lijun directed Broidy to submit documents to Trump through Steve Wynn, requesting the repatriation of Mr. Guo, but was stopped by several White House officials, and the repatriation failed.

This incident also has an unexpected harvest, which is to bring Mr. Bannon into our field of vision. From then on, we began to pay attention to Mr. Bannon.


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