Translated by MOS English Team—Juliet

On May 17, local time, a U.S. Navy intelligence official confirmed at a hearing that there are currently 400 UFO reports in the database, and 143 UFO incidents were assessed in a report about a year ago.

On May 18, Miles Guo mentioned in his live broadcast that the US Congress has confirmed the existence of UFOs. Miles Guo mentioned the bizarre sights he saw on a private plane back then, when the plane flew to an altitude where the earth looked like an arc, and, when the flight speed was close to supersonic flight, he saw everything surrounding the plane instantly turned dark.

When leaders of various countries talked about UFOs, based on their scientific and technological development, everyone gave different interpretations. The leaders of those countries possess more advanced technology all believe that UFOs exist, while the leaders of countries with less advanced technology say they are not certain with UFO’s existence.

The US Congress confirmed the news about UFOs, indicating that human beings are entering an era of contacting UFOs. The United States is one of the first countries to obtain UFO technology. For example, a type of jet fighter (F17) owned by the United States many years ago, the material of which was literally impossible to obtain at that time.

Miles Guo said that the United States may be the first country to benefit from the science and technology of outer space civilization, which is the basis for the strength of the United States. There will be more reports about UFOs in the future. Despite 2022 is a very dark year, but human’s technology will also develop rapidly in this year.


Edited and posted by: Maverick (Janibek L.)

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