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Translated by:  MOS English Team – Master LL

A mass shooting occurred at a Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in Irvine, Southern California, during an event on Sunday the 15th.

Image Source: taiwanenews

A member of the ‘Las Vegas’ China council for the promotion of peaceful national reunification opened fire on the congregation, resulted in 1 death and 5 injuries.  Police said it was a politically motivated hate incident.

Taiwanese in New York have recently condemned violent incidents and hate crimes. In this regard, Dr. Hong Tien Lai, convener of the Federation of Taiwanese Associations in Greater New York, pointed out in an interview, that the “China council for the promotion of peaceful national reunification” should be designated as a terrorist organization.

Image Source: zhongguotongcuhui

According to reports, the gunman, David Wenwei Chou, sent copies of the 7 diaries and USB flash drives that recorded the anti-Taiwan independence movement to the Chinese-language media in Los Angeles before committing the crime.  The diary is named “Diary of an Angel of Destroying the Independent.”

Image Source: washingtontimes


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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