Written by: Potato

Translated by: billwilliam

As reported by Sohu on May 18, 2022, the name of famous actress Xu Qing is deleted from the credits of the movie “Song of Assassins,” and her appearance in the movie is edited into another face by AI technology. This incident has sparked debates about whether she is banned in Communist China.

According to the news, the movie was filmed in 2018 with Xu Qing as one of the main actresses. Yet when the movie is officially launched online on May 18, 2022, her name is absent from the credits list. Even her face in the movie is changed into another face by AI technology. Even more surprisingly, the CCTV has started a campaign to censor Xu Qing since long ago. In the TV program “Love of Langzhong” aired in 2019, the audience finds that all frontal shots of Xu Qing are deleted.  

When facing the questions of a concerned audience, Xu Qing’s studio denied the rumor of online censorship but didn’t offer any explanation why her name and appearance on screen are deleted.

However, the news article dug up the past affair between Wang Xuebing (the former president of the Bank of China, now arrested) and Xu Qing, claiming that the affair may have contributed to the ban on Xu Qing.

In 2017, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that Wang Qishan (Vice Chairman of Communist China), Fan Bingbing (another actress), and Xu Qing had long been occupying room 1808 in the China Traders Hotel. The suppression of Xu Qing is probably related to Wang Qishan’s downfall from power.