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Miles Guo said that the current USDT stable coin in the digital market is a money-laundering coin after the decoupling process to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and will eventually be wiped out.  On the other hand, Zhao Chang Peng’s Binance is a scam, the remaining ETHEREUM will be strong, but if you want to get more money, you must accept the long-arm jurisdiction of the United States.

H-coin is a decentralized and centralized coin of modern blockchain technology, which has the functions of divinity and ghost.  It 100% satisfies the human nature of gods and demons, everything is legal, and it can be both a magic and a Buddha.

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Miles Guo also said that digital currency could now come so far, which digital currency suddenly consumed $7 trillion of U.S in one night.  This means the digital currency is already on the fast track of the human world.

At present, dozens of countries worldwide are involved in the discussion of bitcoin, discussing whether the dollar will become a digital dollar.  On May 5th, the European Union officially began to discuss the development of the digital euro, and the digital dollar is only a matter of time.


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