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Translated by: MOS Health Team – baoliaofen

Biden sent his “top” cabinet members to the UAE this week, led by Vice President Harris, including Secretary of State Blinken, Secretary of Defense Austin and CIA Director Burns.  The trip was to pay tribute to the death of former UAE President Khalifa and to congratulate the new President Mohammed.

Image Source: AP

Harris said the purpose of the trip was to “to reaffirm America’s shared commitment to the security and prosperity of the region, and how the American people can benefit from this relationship.” She called the UAE a “friend” and a “partner”.

Biden sent his “top team” to the UAE to mourn, in an apparent attempt to repair tensions with the Gulf state, the report said.

Image Source: eurasis

The importance of the Gulf oil-producing states has increased since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, when the West became less dependent on Russia for energy.  The Gulf states have refused to take sides in the Russia-Ukraine war.  OPEC members Saudi Arabia and the UAE have also opposed calls for higher production to help the stabilization of crude prices.


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