Written by: Potato

Translated by: billwilliam

At a recent closed-door seminar on wealth management development opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, Xiao Jing, chief scientist of Ping An Group, indicated that blockchain and cloud technology are the infrastructures, and AI technology and big data are the technological means and tools that can better realize the digitization of financial operations and better aid precise decision-making and analysis, as reported by Sina on May 18, 2022.

Xiao Jing has engaged in research in the fields of artificial intelligence and big data analysis and mining since 1995. Having returned to China and joined the Ping An Group Technology Company in 2015, he is taking the helm of Ping An Technology’s big data analysis development. Ping An Group’s chairman Ma Mingzhe has also indicated that blockchain is a critical goal for Ping An Group’s future expansion. For this reason, Ping An Group initiated relevant research on this topic more than three years ago. The company has explored seven or eight scenarios in the application of blockchain technology, of which the two scenarios of asset trading and credit report have been launched for online transactions.

Mr. Miles Guo blew the whistle that Ping An Group is controlled by Ma Mingzhe, who is backed by Communist China’s Vice Chairman Wang Qishan. Wang controls the cryptocurrency USDT. Recently, Wang has also set up a cryptocurrency blockchain technology development center comparable to Bitcoin. The moment when fintech is controlled by the communist devils is a catastrophe for humankind. However, Himalaya Exchange and H-Pay system induce fear among the Chinese Communist Party regime and are the hope of the new world.