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Translated by: OX News Team – MikeHua

On May 17th, Miles said on Gettr livestream that ABC reported yesterday (May 16th) a coverage titled <Inside the secret chat rooms censoring critics on a pro-Trump ‘free speech’ social media app>, aiming at slandering Gettr. The coverage received 3-5 million views, and was a concerted action by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s agents overseas. 

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Miles expressed his own opinion, that if any of our followers understood the article, they will love the New Federal State of China even more; if any one not currently following us, at least they know about our existence; if those who read the article but did not remember anything about us, we do not need and care about those folks. 

CCP’s agents like Pan Linzheng in Australia, Gao Bingchen in Canada, and Wei Shi in the US are acting together to attack Miles previously, now they are coordinated to attack Gettr. They think they are clever, but it only mounts up evidence of their crimes. FBI from the US and security departments in Australia will all recognize those individuals, the officials will know they are working with the CCP, otherwise they will not act in-cohort while staying in different countries, and their actions are staggeringly similar. 

Gettr is committed to protect free speech and cancel “Cancel Culture”, anything that does not violate Gettr’s Community Guideline and local regulation will be allowed on the platform. 


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