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Nikkan Gendai reports, the Russian News Broadcasting Corporation (RT, formerly Russia Today), reported that five Russian governors resigned en masse on May 10th, after Vladimir Putin made an impassioned speech on Victory Day on May 9th, about the legality of his invasion of Ukraine.

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According to Russia’s constitutional changes in 2021, regional governors are allowed to be re-elected for additional term after serving two consecutive terms.  At the time when the regional election is scheduled to take place on September 11th this year, Sergey Zhvachkin, the Governor of Tomsk Region and Valery Radayev, the Governor of Saratov Oblast in the Volga Federal District, both have been serving two consecutive terms, however, have expressed that they will not seek re-election.  Igor Vasilyev as the Governor of Kirov Oblast, with his term coming to an end, also will not seek for re-election but to continue to work at the federal level.  Ryazan Governor, Nikolai Lyubimov and the head of the Mari El Republic, Alexander Evstefeev who are also stepping down, did not announce the reasons for their resignations.  The deputy head of the Centre for Political Technologies said that there is nothing new about it, previously there were governors announced their resignations ahead of elections.  

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Although the government officials expressed unconcernedly about the wave of resignations, they have actually found the situation unsettling with no end in sight for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the world’s tightening sanctions on Russia, and the impact of record high military spending on Russia’s economy. Therefore, the governors’ resignations for various reasons can be seen as an indirect protest against the invasion of Ukraine.  The unusual wave of resignations and the growing social discontent suggest that Russia is on the brink of collapse, as it did before the chaotic disintegration of the Soviet Union.  Russia-led military alliance and Russia’s economy are under great pressure as independence movements in Russia gaining traction that began as a result of regional discontent, and new countries added to NATO.  It is uncertain that Putin’s regime can survive in a worse situation then the days of the Soviet Union. 


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