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Translated by: OX Translation Team – boylatin1L

The U.S. Department of Justice launched an indictment against the billionaire, former casino mogul, and top Republican fundraiser Steve Wynn on May 17th, 2022, forcing him to register as an agent of China under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.  But this is not the beginning of Steve Wynn’s illegal lobbying for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  According to Mr. Miles Guo’s previous revelations, there are other people and groups behind the illicit lobbying case with Steve Wynn for the CCP.

Image Source: Reuters

Bruno Wu‘s biological father is Sun Lijun, and his biological father is Meng Jianzhu.  His partner in the closet is Director Li Dong, the Beijing Municipal Security Bureau.  Li Dong’s intermediary is Yue Wenhai.  Yue Wenhai has the slogan “don’t worry, enjoy every day.”

Among all of Li Dong’s hackers against Miles in the United States, some of them are enforced by the Communist Ministry of Security, commanded by Li Dong and Sun Lijun.  Keep in mind that the police enforce the law domestically, and the Ministry of Security enforces the law internationally.

All the Internet hacking works and the deployment of people overseas are all done by Li Dongan of the Ministry of Security, Meng Jianzhu, and Sun Lijun.  The vast majority of these secret agents are people from National Security led by Li Donglai.  Comrade Yue Wenhai is in charge of sending money.  Sun Lijun used Meng Jianzhu’s name to do bad things and, in a way, kidnapped Meng Jianzhu.  The way he abuses people has no distinction between males and females, no distinction between good and evil, big or small.  They are simply a gang of hooligans.

So, who are these people?  Their master is the Jiang family, based in Shanghai. Bruno Wu is an unruly liar who cultivated and came out of Shanghai.  In the history of Du Yuesheng and Jinrong Huang, there were several dominant gangs in Shanghai, including the white-lotus clan.  The white-lotus family is a liar, taking his wife, women, and daughters (real or fake), to make them sleep with big bosses everywhere to cheat money. He is the real Bruno Wu, a pimp.  He did terrible things in the name of Meng Jianzhu and used Li Dong’s judicial power to do other bad things.

Then there is Wang Yi, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that is absolute, following his directions, and does what he is asked.  Wang Yi’s competency is not worthy of being the assistant of Wang Yanping.  He can only be the driver of Wang Yanping’s assistant, let alone to be a foreign minister. Moreover, he is a liar, arrogant and selfish.

The psychological quality of diplomats is to respect others.  Look at the comments of the former foreign minister of Australia and the defense minister on Wang Yi.  People will scold Wang Yi for mentioning him.  When several US diplomats said Wang Yi, the words used were arrogant, monsters, and liars.  Wang Yi of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was used as a pawn.  They capitalized on Li Dong’s national security system and Meng Jianzhu’s authority, who is considered a sugar daddy.  Then there is Sun Lijun and Li Dong who misled Chairman Xi, and they defrauded everywhere under the guise of Chairman Xi and Peng Liyuan.  And finally, Wang Qishan appeared with the incredible power to execute and represent the Jiang family to the interest groups.

Wang Qishan arranged the connections for him on Wall Street, with all the former Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley factions, helping him call the influential people in Washington to send Guo Wengui back to China.  Then, to take advantage of good opportunities, Bruno Wu began to cheat for money.  Just like that, the so-called Dong Kewener, hacked Guo Wengui with the rumor about the Washington Post, the rape case, and the nine lawsuits.

There are many questions remaining for Xie Jiansheng and Liang Guanjun?  Where did he go and why hasn’t he shown up?   These clowns and hooligans came up one by one, where did they all go?  Why haven’t they been found it recently?


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