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It is report on May13, although the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC) removed the vaccine passport policy on April 8, it doesn’t mean that similar policy won’t return in the future.  In order to prevent this situation from happening again, a major legal challenge to date is to determine the constitutional validity of British Columbia public health’s vaccine passport orders. A hearing was held in BC’s capital Victoria’s Supreme Court last week.

Image Source: courts of bc

Two lawyers from the Democracy Fund presented evidence to the court that their three plaintiffs had their rights unconstitutionally breached by the Government after they were unable to receive CCP virus vaccine for medical reasons. Strengthening their argument was the fact that in last September, when Vancouver Coastal Health’s chief medical health officer, Dr. Patty Daly informed her subordinates during a COVID-19 forum, that the vaccine passport that prevents unvaccinated Canadians from entering restaurants, movie theaters and gyms, is actually to create an incentive to get higher vaccination rates, not because those places were high risk, as they do not see virus transmission in such places.

Image Source: rebelnews

The Supreme Court is currently sorting out the evidence from all parties, and this case has caught widespread attention.


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