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Translator: MOS English Team – Xiequyuan G.

On May 15, local time, according to Gettr and related media sources, students at Peking University launched a collective protest that night due to the Chinese Communist authorities’ evil and unjust “zero-covid” policy of epidemic prevention in Communist China.

It was mentioned that the Peking University administration built a so-called “epidemic prevention wall” overnight without the students’ consent, dividing the student dormitory and the faculty area. Sources said that students were not allowed to go out or receive take-out, but staff members were allowed to enter and leave the campus at will. After learning about the incident, the university broke out in anger and protests.

It was reported that the university dismantled the “epidemic wall” in response to the students’ protests. Still, in the early hours of the next day, teachers and counselors from various departments of Peking University began to investigate the students who participated in the demonstration that night and even encouraged students to report each other. At the same time, major media outlets in China blocked all information about the protest.

In response, Miles Guo pointed out in an article on Gettr that the student protest was like the eve of June 4, 1989, but that the evil CCP dictatorship was still in place and that the students participating in the protest would face the cruel repression of the Chinese Communist Party.


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