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On 17 May 2022, the US Department of Justice launched an indictment against billionaire, former casino magnate and top Republican fundraiser Steve Wynn, forcing him to register as an agent of Communist China under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). But this is not the beginning of Steve Wynn’s illegal lobbying for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). We will then pick up the people and groups behind the case of Steve Wynn’s illegal lobbying for the CCP based on Mr. Guo’s previous revelations, according to the 26 October 2017 Mr. Guo’s livestream Post-19th Congress revelation plan timestamp 00:49:37.

Chinese business conglomerates have set up a circle that is beyond the imagination of the common man. It’s like the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China controlling the Standard Bank of Africa, which in turn invested in WeChat, which invested in Jack Ma, which invested in this Masayoshi Sun, which in turn invested in World Technology, which is a huge circle; and the financial sector in China and there are people behind some of the banks, like the factural Guoli Tian, and the head of China Merchants Bank, Huiyu Tian, who is even the secretary of Qishan Wang set up overseas, that’s not that simple.

The first investment was made in the People’s Republic of China by a private investment fund named BlackStone, which promptly paid out a large sum of money, and then the middleman took several hundred million dollars in agency fees.

It is not that simple, just like the various foreign gambling stars and kings in Macau can take a letter to the President of the United States to find a way to repatriate Mr. Guo.

Did you know? There are hundreds of American celebrities, as I said in the past, and people did not take my words seriously, hundreds of celebrities, who wrote to the President of the White House of the United States to deport me. These hundreds of people are not easy to get to the White House in the United States. These people are inextricably linked behind the scenes with the black and white, the financial institutions, the tycoons behind the scenes in Macau, China, and there is a common shadow behind these people, not necessarily a direct link to the big boss.

When the Minsheng – Minsheng Bank, which played a key role, Minsheng Bank’s Dong Wenbiao also played a key role, Minsheng’s and Hong Qi between the battle, Xiaohui Wu’s arrest and the case of the former Governor are these behind the interests involved, looks to handle the case, but in fact is not. One of the standing committee members is one of the bosses behind him, behind one of them. This person, indirectly and directly through his back, has raked back from the international scene and controls huge resources.

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