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Translated by: MOS English Team-Jack H

It is reported many Chinese citizens, who are going abroad have their passports clipped on the spot by the border inspection officials when they leave communist China. A message posted on Twitter, saying the poster had already applied for a student visa, but was made difficult when left border, as he answered the inspection official without offline course, his passport was clipped and hole-punched. Moreover, a Guangzhou mother and son shared their experience of being controlled at the border on social media, whose son is a foreign citizen and she holds a foreign green card, but her green card was cut off on the ground after showing it when leaving the border.

Image Source: todaynationnews

Since the beginning of CCP virus pandemic, Communist China’s Immigration Bureau has stopped issuing and renewing passports. Meanwhile, people cannot complain and appeal to formal and relevant institutions about their experience, but the CCP’s Government has blatantly debunk them as rumors.

A spokesman of the CCP said it is free to arrive and depart, when was asked about immigration of Hong Kong people. But the people, who are trapped in the Communist China and unable to move a single step and speak out, just feel as if a knife were being twisted in their heart. Recently, the National Immigration Administration of China announced in response to the Zero-Covid policy, it has implemented “non-essential not going abroad” policy, trapping all people who want to go abroad, actually closing the door of the entire country.


Edited by:  MikeHua
Posted by: Peter Chen

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