Compiled by TCG

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, was looking to have his appearance altered according to a person consulted by Zhao in the Middle East.

During a GETTR live stream on Wednesday afternoon, Miles Guo provided some updates on the current events to his fellow fighters of the Whistleblowers’ Movement.

A person who was helping Changpeng Zhao to obtain a license for digital currency in Dubai told Miles Guo that Zhao asked him if there was any place in the world for Zhao to change his face because Zhao was afraid of being assassinated. Mr. Guo said that the investors would be afraid of Zhao’s running away with all the money in Binance.

Zhao, the Chinese Canadian founder and CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, works for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Zhao gave Elon Musk a “blank check” of $500 million for the latter’s Twitter takeover.

Both cryptocurrency and social media platforms are strategically vital for the CCP’s hegemonic ambition.

Zhao himself does not have any license for digital currency or KYC (know your customer), a standard due diligence process to assess and monitor risks and verify customer identities. Sooner or later his money would be confiscated.

Mr. Guo said earlier that Zhao might be eliminated by the CCP in June in a manner similar to the cold-blooded murder of Wang Jian, the co-founder of HNA. Binance and Tether were created to facilitate the CCP’s money laundering and destabilization of the US dollar. The CCP will plunder the small investors while the US and China are decoupling economically. The New Federal State of China is gathering evidence to uncover the CCP’s plot of waging unrestricted economic warfare against the West via Binance and Tether.

When asked about Steve Bannon, Miles Guo said that Mr. Bannon was very excited about the latest development of Steve Wynn’s case. Even though Bannon was asked not to discuss it in public by the Republicans, Mr. Bannon would not yield to such pressures.

Mike Pompeo’s health was also brought up during the live stream. The former secretary of state might be experiencing some side effects from the vaccines for the CCP-virus.

VIX, the volatility index, is a hoax and can be manipulated according to Mr. Guo. The designer of VIX is the same person that creates and controls volatility.

The Chinese Communist Regime is doomed and won’t last long because it failed all the stress tests it conducted lately including the massive lockdowns of big cities.