Ukraine supporters protest in front of the White House on Feb.26, 2022. Jose Luis Magana/AP

Recently, a comment from the media has been circulating on the Internet about Ukraine subverting the law of weak countres without diplomacy. On the surface, this comment affirms Ukraine’s performance in the Russian-Ukrainian war, but the underlying implications have already defined Ukraine as a weak country. Whether Ukraine is a weak country is debatable; but the solidarity, bravery, and perseverance of the Ukrainians in this war confirms the ancient Chinese proverb “A just cause attracts much support, an unjust one finds little.”

Strength and weakness are relative, both in the philosophical realm and the real world. Was Germany, known as the Great Germanic nation, strong during World War II? Were Japan and Italy strong? If they were considered to be so strong, why were the fascist regimes in these countries destroyed? The former Soviet Union, known as the world’s second largest super power, ultimately failed when it invaded Afghanistan, which was generally considered a weak country at the time. Therefore, strength and weakness are relative, but the philosophy of “more help with the Tao, but little help when the Tao is lost” is an eternal truth.

During the current period, many of the things that Mr. Miles Guo talked about in the live broadcast are the best examples of “the righteous and the helpless.” For instance, he mentioned that H-coin might become an influential national reserve currency in the world. In addition, he said that some top listed companies might also accept H-coin as a payment method.

Every one of Miles Guo’s live broadcasts is reaching 400 million to 700 million viewers. Gfashion has been accepted by many people in the entertainment industry worldwide. They wear Gfashion clothes for free, promoting the Gfashion brand while expressing the “A just cause attracts much support, an unjust one finds little” philosophy.

Strength and weakness are relative, and the ‘butterfly effect’ is probably a reasonable demonstration of this. When righteous orthodoxy flaps the wings of a butterfly, it may be the time when humanity in the 21st century ushers in grand changes because it “gets more help.”


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