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According to CTV NEWS reports on May 12, in the next few weeks, the federal government will send three chartered flights to help Ukrainian refugees who have fled the war to fly from Poland to Canada.

The Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said that the special plane will provide transport services for more than 90,000 Ukrainians who have been approved for emergency travel to Canada. The first flight will depart for Winnipeg on May 23, with the second will leave for Montreal on May 29 and third for Halifax June 2.  In addition to the commercial options available to Ukrainians, refugees will also be subsidized by a special fund from the Canadian government.

Thousands of Ukrainians have arrived in Canada since the Russian-Ukrainian war in late February.  While it’s unclear how many more people will arrive in the country, the government says the numbers are sure to keep growing.  Currently, determining where the applicant is located and where they will be when they leave Ukraine, as well as where the applicant decides to settle in Canada, has become the program’s biggest logistical challenge.

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