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For more on Ukraine and the importance of that Senate GOP trip to Kyiv, joining us live Fox’s contributor and former CIA station chief in Moscow, Dan Hoffman , and, Dan, let me get your reaction, McConnell, and Brosseau, and Collins and Cornyn all making a trip to Kyiv. Is that important?
It’s really important. It’s important for President Zelensky And those brave Ukrainians fighting in defense of freedom and liberty and democracy to see support from the Senate. That’s where all the money’s coming from, for the military equipment that’s keeping Ukraine in the fight.
Again, as Greg Palcot just mentioned, really quite a strong development and war there. The pushing back of Russian forces from Kharkiv of Ukraine, second largest city, and that clearly the Ukrainian officials I talked to is a direct correlation between the support they’ve been getting so far. But at this 40 billion is a quite larger amount of support that can last much longer. Do you believe that it is a game changer to have this much support? In the face of such perhaps small victories?
Yeah, I mean, Ukraine is burning through the ammunition that were given them. And so this is really important for them. But I would just caution all our viewers, we’re looking at a war of attrition here potentially, because the Russians have not indicated that they’re going to stop fighting. It’s Putin’s war. There’s no off ramp for him. I agree with former Ukrainian President Poroshenko. There’s no negotiating with Vladimir Putin. Ukraine needs to stay in this fight. And we’re headed for a continued just brutal fight and in the Donbass area, as Russia seeks to build that land bridge all the way to Odessa and trans Dniester and Moldova.
And Dan, just in the last 20 seconds or so I’ve got is China watching what’s happening here and what lessons might they be drawing?
I think all the parties to a potential conflict in Taiwan in the Taiwan Straits are watching Taiwan needs those small arms like javelins and stingers, which are going to be in short supply. They know they need a trained NCO Corps. China is looking at the West, you know, focus, and like they’ve never been before on on defending democracy, and that’s going to be an impact for them too. Dan Hoffman, we gotta leave it there. Thank you for taking time.

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