“We should anticipate seeing this immune erosion more widely.”

According to doctors, VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) accounts for elevated incidents of myocarditis and other post-vaccine illnesses that affect them more rapidly, resulting in death, or more slowly, resulting in chronic illnesses.

“If immune erosion occurs after two doses and just a few months, how can we exclude the possibility that effects of an untested “booster” will not erode more rapidly and to a greater extent?”

A Lancet study comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated people in Sweden was conducted among 1.6 million people over nine months showing that protection against Covid-19 declined within 6 months, and that some of the more vulnerable vaccinated groups were at greater risk for catching Covid than the unvaccinated.

Meanwhile, scientists in the Netherlands have discovered a new, highly virulent strain of HIV in some of the vaccinated. This comes as trials of a new mRNA vaccine for HIV have begun in the United States.

And though many scientists and doctors around the world have been warning us about this since the vaccines were first rolled out, no one in the mainstream media took notice. Until now.

During a recent edition of “Good Morning America,” ABC News Senior Medical Contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton said booster shots could ‘shut down’ the immune system of some people. And she wasn’t even kicked off the show after saying it.

Referencing a new study published by the peer-reviewed journal The Lancet, Dr. Ashton explained how the fourth dose of both the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines is causing surges in antibodies, which can lead to a disruption of the immune system.

“An immune phenomenon known as tolerance where, if you already have high antibody levels and you get another booster, that your immune system can start to say, ‘What am I needed for?’ and kind of start to shut down.”

While this is new to ABC News, others have known this for over a year.

In December of 2020, Australia scrapped its domestically-produced Covid vaccine after test subjects tested positive for HIV.

In October of 2021, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro posted a video discussing the connection between the Covid-19 vaccines and AIDS.

A November 2021 research paper also found “spike proteins from mRNA vaccines can lead to immunodeficiency conditions, similar to AIDS.”

As Natural News reported at the time, “This is consistent with what we have previously reported about immune function dropping roughly 5% per week in those who have taken Covid vaccines.”

And more recently, in March of this year, a member of the group Frontline Doctors, Dr. Elizabeth Eads, said COVID-vaccinated patients she’s treating are showing signs of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) as a result of taking the experimental mRNA injections, and warned that many more triple-vaccinated individuals will likely contract the deadly disease by the fall of 2022.

“Yes, we are seeing vaccine-related acquired immunodeficiency in the hospital now from the triple-vaxxed…It is a vax injury, and we are not really certain how to treat this,” Eads said. 

The virus itself was manmade and released onto the world with the HIV delivery system, attacking the white blood cells. They then distributed an experimental vaccine that made them billions of dollars while giving people a new strain of HIV, for which they’re already developing a new type of vaccine so they can make billions more.