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Five NFSC volunteers have been infected with Covid, and they are currently isolated and slowly being nursed back to health. Additional eight NFSC volunteers worldwide, including Singapore, have arrived in the Medyka camp. NFSC thanks all volunteers and Rule of Law Foundation/Society donors for making Ukraine’s humanitarian operation possible.

The CCP had always tried to sow discord between the EU and US. The CCP does not wish to see its enemies (US and EU) working together to dominate global trade, international policies and military prowess.

At a recent economic forum in Europe, it was found that Janet Yellen now thinks that Xi Jinping and not the CCP, is the greatest threat to the world. Not only did Jiang Zeming’s faction of China manage to make Yellen believe in Xi’s failing health and his determination to invade Taiwan, but Jiang also managed to convince her that it is Xi, not Putin, who wanted to nuclear bomb Europe. The main purpose of the Europe economic forum Yellen attended was to discuss how the United States and the European Union could work together to seize the assets of Putin, Xi Jinping, CCP officials and Russian oligarchs and exercise severe sanctions on Russia and China. During the meeting, intel revealed the severity of the subversion of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) by the CCP. Intel also confirmed Mile’s past warnings about the two possible actions that CCP may take: One is to swiftly and brutally take over Taiwan by force. The second is to avoid sanctions from the West and slowly take over Taiwan by sabotaging the island’s water and power supply. The likelihood of CCP choosing the second option now is higher, which is the reverse two months ago.

Tether the stablecoin is fully controlled by the people behind Lufax (Ma MingZe, Wang Qishan, etc.) and some Wall Street scoundrels. Tether and Binance are still the world’s top 5 exchanges for trading stablecoins. It is absurd that Binance has been operating for a long time without a cryptocurrency license and without verifying the identity of its customers (KYC). Binance had only recently managed to obtain a cryptocurrency license from Abu Dhabi, which can be easily revoked upon the request of Miles. Binance also only recently required its customer to undergo KYC procedures. Tether and Binance have been all along handing the data of their customers over to the CCP, which can be used as blackmail in the future. The purpose of creating a stablecoin via Tether is to prepare for the moment when China decouples from the United States, and the stablecoin can replace the United States fiat dollar as the world’s reserve. Because Tether is fully controlled by the CCP, The CCP has the power to seize and close anyone’s account. The NFSC is currently helping to uncover the evidence behind Tether and Luna’s illegal manipulations by the CCP to help protect the small investors.

Binance started off with 5 billion dollars of cash, of which half was spent on lavish promises to obtain the cryptocurrency license, and the other half was lost in the recent crypto crash. Even when penniless, Binance’s leverage reaches hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide. Because of leverages, 7 trillion dollars was lost in the recent crypto crash.

Currently, Bitcoin still enjoys the highest confidence among all cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s price has rebounded better than almost all other cryptocurrencies. The reason behind Bitcoin’s popularity is its usage as a tool to evade United States tracking and sanctions. Bitcoin is used by the CCP, Wall Street, Russia, Iran and some middle east countries to launder money.

On 5th May, countries of the European Union had gathered to discuss how to set up a digital Euro. If the Euro goes digital, USD will go digital.

For a long time, the CCP has been working on advanced global crypto digital technology (not digital yuan). CCP is attempting to use the power of quantum computing and biocomputing to develop a type of digital currency that is so secure and fast that all other cryptocurrencies will be made obsolete. When the power of quantum computing and biocomputing is adequately harnessed, solutions requiring millenniums of brute force computations can efficiently be completed quickly, rendering many current blockchains’ cryptographies and encryptions useless. Together with the CCP military intel department, Hong Kong digital hub is working with some highly technical Israelis and Japanese to develop new crypto technologies for China’s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN). The leaders of BSN consist of Gao Yanyan and Blackrock Asia-Pacific chairman. Comparing Bitcoin’s first generation of crypto technology and Ethereum’s third generation, BSN is working on the 5th generation of crypto technology. Suppose CCP is successful in innovating this crypto technology. In that case, CCP will use it to set global standards for cryptocurrencies, similar to how CCP used to push for China’s 5G adoption throughout the world. One good news is that whistleblowers within BSN can give NFSC all technical information on their crypto technology.

In a world where the deep state and CCP control global media, GETTR is a rare place where the people’s voice is not silenced. On the contrary, the Iranians, Russians and North Koreans have no avenue to speak out to have their voice heard.

Around 45 media have recently reported on Steve Wynn, an American real estate developer and casino owner, on his involvement as an agent of China. The fact that many media have started reporting about China’s espionage marks the start of the United States’ attempt to understand and uncover the CCP’s infiltrations and subversions. To find out who is colluding with the CCP, there is no better way than to see who and which organisations are suing Miles and want him extradited. Using Miles as a case study can potentially uncover the entire CCP espionage network in the United States.

Jiang Zeming faction tries to contact Miles and convince him that all past feuds are Xi’s doings. Ha, who is Jiang Zeming trying to kid? Besides, the Covid virus development in China started way before Xi assumed power, and the Jiang faction was very involved in the weaponising of Covid and its vaccines. So not one person of the Jiang faction should be spared for having blood on their hands.

Source: Miles Guo’s 18th May 2022 Broadcast

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