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Translated by: MOS English Team – Master LL


It was reported on May 13, that Canada’s innovation minister is urging Group Seven (G7) countries to participate in the establishment of a cybersecurity rapid response team to help build Ukraine’s resilience and strengthen G7 countries’ network construction.

According to the report, at the G7 digital conference held in Germany recently, Canada’s innovation minister, argued that G7 members should pool their expertise to defend against Russian attacks and start working on protecting Ukraine’s critical information technology infrastructure. During the meeting, Canada said a joint proposed cybersecurity working group would help Canada and its allies better prepare for future cyber attacks.

There is evidence that Russia and Communist China still pose a threat to the networks of Canada and G7 members, so Canada has worked closely with the UK to exchange expertise and fight against cyber attacks. What is more, the support of the national forces from other countries to interfere in western elections, including Canada, is real. The technologists of Canada fight against any threat to democracy.


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Posted by: AlexZ

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