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Translated by: MOS English Team – Wenqin

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In the Grand live broadcast on May 13, Miles Guo mentioned that no one other than Xi Jinping could represent the Communist Party.

For more than a decade, Xi Jinping has perfectly achieved de-Communization, taking great power over himself and arresting all the head and face figures in the party. For example, Zeng Qinghong, a highly political visionary in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has just had his whole family arrested. Wang Qishan is living an even worse life than death. Xu Qiliang, Chen Xin, Li Zhanshu, Hu Chunhua, Hu Jintao, and others are all very weak together, and the Chaoyang masses can destroy them. And some of the senior figures of the CCP are very old, such as Jiang Zemin, Zhu Rongji, and others, even if they are alive, they can no longer play any role.

The CCP today can be called Xi Jinping’s alone, as long as Xi is gone, the CCP naturally disappears as well. It is also a God-given gift to the Chinese people. There’s only one enemy, Xi Jinping, and if we take him down, we win. The same is true of all previous dictatorships experienced by mankind: Saddam in Iraq, and Gaddafi in Libya, whose own life ended with the end of the dictatorship. Xi Jinping is walking down that non-return road. And the other person who gave the people of China hope of survival in this disaster was Miles Guo. The New Federal State of China is the hope of the Chinese people for the future.

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