Written by: Naughty
Translated by: billwilliam

Mr. Miles Guo discussed the world situation in the live broadcast on May 18, 2022, using the opinion of a European leader who had been pro-CCP.

The European leader used to be close to Yellen and have worked together for 20-30 years. Although Yelun used to speak up for the CCP, this time Yellen told him in private that the biggest crisis in the world was not Russia or the Chinese Communist Party, rather Xi Jinping. According to her intel source, Xi Jinping really wants to attack Taiwan and even launch Nuclear strikes in Europe for real, as Xi’s health is deteriorating. 

Mr. Guo pointed out that Yellen was able to obtain such detailed intelligence because insiders in the CCP had informed her.

According to Mr. Guo, Europe had started a meeting last Thursday to discuss the seizure of assets held by Putin, Russian oligarchs, Xi, and CCP members. This is a preparation for the imminent extreme sanction against the CCP regime.   

During the meeting, a military officer gave the latest intelligence briefing on the CCP’s plans against Taiwan, including the CCP regime’s infiltrations into TSMC and the regime’s three invasion plans against the island. The intelligence is a perfect match with the Whistleblower Movement’s whistleblowing a year ago.

The intelligence briefing also mentioned that the CCP, which originally preferred a swift invasion of Taiwan, is now likely to adopt the strategy of blockade on the island without direct attack, which will inflict greater impact on the world economy.

As Mr. Guo explained, the drastic change in Yellen’s attitude is the result of infighting within the CCP. The plan to overthrow the CCP regime by insiders as proposed by the Whistleblower Movement is in progress, and the CCP will eventually be destroyed by internal forces.