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Steve Wynn is done for lobbying for the CCP to extradite Miles Guo

Les Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn is a man never short of controversies. In 2018, he stepped down as the CEO of Wynn Resorts for a score of sexual harrassment accusations and the company has lost over 60% of its share price since then.

Falling share prices may be the least concern to this power player among the GOP and the DC establishment now. On May 17th, the US government sued Mr Wynn to force him to register as an agent of China on the grounds of lobbying for the Chinese government to extradite a Chinese businessman Mile Guo. It was a choreographed effort involving many influential figures in the GOP and an operation allegedly costing the Chinese government hundreds of millions and they almost succeeded if not were the opposition from then security advisor Steve Bannon, Matt Pottinger, then deputy AG Rosenstein, and a lawyer named Chris.

One may say this indictment could be politically motivated trying to tie president Trump to Wynn’s business dealings with the Chinese government and take a shot at Trump’s endorsement winning streak  leading up to the midterm elections in the coming fall.

However, Mr Wynn is not the first nor the last that will go in for their dealings with the Chinese government. Take a look at Miles Guo’s collection of scalps, former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone found guilty for defamation; power broker and lobbyist Eddie Broidy guilty; now Steve Wynn will be scrutinized for his motive for lobbying to extradite Miles Guo. One way to look at it may be that Mr Wynn has a lot to lose in his casinos in Macau.

Is it just a coincidence that all those promoting the CCP on falsifying accusations of Miles Guo on any business conducts or a sex deviant all found guilty? Or do they just expose themselves as agents of China for their own business interests? Miles Guo has conveyed many times on his broadcast that independent justice is what makes the US great and he has great faith in it. Justice may be late but never absent.

So true.

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