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On May 15th in a live broadcast, Miles Guo revealed that the media across the world is actually controlled by only five families, while all data centers global wide are under control of only three hi-tech oligarchs.

He pointed out that this is why the Russian information warfare in the Russia-Ukraine war has been defeated because these 5 families are singing from the same hymn sheet and they are standing with the US. Regardless of whether Putin is sick, they tell the world he is.

Same with Xi Jinping’s news of his illness, which Miles Guo has been telling the world for the past five years, has received around 1.3 billion views soon after it came out yesterday. This is a strategy, a media warfare.

On the other hand, all data centers storing entire data of the world are controlled by only three companies, Google, Amazon AWS and Microsoft.

Miles Guo explained that in the past few years, not only the Chinese Communist Party – CCP, but also the Swamp colluding with CCP have been tampering his data on media, such as number of views and followers.

Now similarly, the truth about the Covid virus and vaccines has also been censored or deleted worldwide by the Swamp and CCP.

Miles Guo pointed out that the collusion between the Swamp and CCP is a threat to New Federal State of China and the whole world.

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