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Translated by MOS English Team -Mark Wen

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) implemented concentration camp management in Shanghai, and a large amount of false information were published on the Internet. People are waking up from this scam. Many netizens began to report the false information posted by “Shanghai Post” in the comment section of the CCP’s National Anti-Fraud Center’s posts on Weibo, a large Chinese online microblogging platform.  

Some netizens pointed out that the information released by the “Shanghai Post” about the resumption of work was not true, and some directly shouted: “Don’t you manage Shanghai?” Shanghai people disgust the “Shanghai Post”.

Now almost every National Anti-Fraud Center’s Weibo post is now followed by such “false information” report. It shows that the Shanghai people have seen through the CCP’s falsehood and deception. It also reveals that the people still have a trace of illusion about the CCP. In fact, the CCP never cares out the complaints from his people.

Since the launch of the CCP’s National Anti-Fraud APP, the era of cell phone monitoring the entire population in the name of anti-fraud has arrived. The CCP’s National Anti-Fraud Center Weibo has been constantly deceiving the public with so-called fraud prevention knowledge every day. The CCP’s National Anti-Fraud Center Weibo currently has 1.066 million followers.

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