1. There were important criminal arrests in Hong Kong an hour ago, it’s the result of CCP infighting.

2.Next, the familiar CCP overseas propaganda platforms will be turned off.

3. Two good news:

  1. Steve Wynn is under criminal investigation so that a lot of CCP agents will be investigated.
  2. Several people in Hong Kong who attacked the Himalaya Exchange were arrested with great significance.

4. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) attacked Gettr,  giving Gettr 3 to 5 million media exposures. ABC, “Drumstick Pan”, and Gao Bingchen attacked Gettr at the same time, and will the U.S. FBI not investigate?

5. Musk stops Twitter merge, and blames each other with Twitter’s shareholders. Do you believe Twitter will disappear? Twitter, Musk, and the Chinese Communist Party are exposing each other’s shortcomings, fight each other, and eventually the SEC intervened in the investigation. If the Twitter robot users and data fraud investigation is true, Twitter will be closed by law.

6. Twitter stocks will instantly drop into junk stocks, like Luna.

7. USDT: 100% belongs to the CCP, registered in Hong Kong, backing by Peter Ma Mingzhe. Peter Ma Mingzhe was backing by Wang Qishan.

8. HSBC was destroyed by Wang Qishan.

9. If Gao Bingchen does not violate the rule, his account is not removed. With the rule violation, his account absolutely can not stay. The CCP is still using people like Gao Bingchen, more that the Communist Party is finished.

10. Xi-Li fight is the biggest political struggle inside the CCP before the 20th Party Congress: Wang Qishan, Zeng Qinghong, Zhu Rongji, on the side of Li Keqiang, who is Hu Jintao’s man.

11. Li Keqiang has little chance of taking over as chairman.

12. Steve Wynn is unregistered in the U.S.:  actual agent of CCP in the U.S., is indicted in Criminal Investigation.

13. As a Chinese Communist Party Agent, Steve Wynn admits working on repatriating Mr. Miles Guo back to China.

14. The Steve Wynn case will be closed before the 2024 U.S. election, all related people will be exposed under the sun, the CCP agents, the people who do the dirty work for the CCP will be investigated. All the cases that framed Mr.Miles Guo will be re-investigated. The next moment will be the great trial.

Chinese Version: Wenjun
Translator: Curiosity
Proofreading: Tracy