May 18th, 2022

NHS is ‘dangerously over-reliant’ on China with one in SIX medical items coming from Beijing amid fears supplies could be ‘weaponised’

A recent story published by the Daily Mail on the 17th of May, 2022, reports on the worrying facts that surround the UK’s NHS and their deepening dependence on China and the CCP for vital medicines and supplies, and a report has emerged warning the NHS has become ‘dangerously over-reliant’ on the human right’s violating dictatorship controlled by the monstrous leader Xi Jinping.

Around 17% of medical items used in UK hospitals including needles, bandages, and oxygen are shipped from the oppressive and currently partly locked-down communist state. The overall NHS dependency on Chinese supply chains has increased by a staggering 200% since 2019, with the UK now sending £6.2billion a year to the evil CCP.

The thinktank Civitas looked at 228 medical items on the Government’s disaster relief list which included drugs, tests, medical devices, and personal protective equipment (PPE). The team found that 17% came from China in 2020, up from 6% before the Covid-19 pandemic. They warned that Britain went ‘cap in hand’ to China for medical supplies due to being caught off guard, which is ironic as they ran to the very same people who created the pandemic they needed the supplies for.

Security experts are now calling for an ‘NHS Security Act’ to wean Britain off Chinese medical items and start manufacturing more domestically. It comes as Europe tries to reduce its dependency on Russian gas and oil following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The Kremlin has cut off energy exports to Poland and Bulgaria for supplying Ukraine with aid and hitting Moscow with financial sanctions.

Editors Comment; While it is not news that medicine and medical supplies are essential to help keep a nation healthy, there are and have always been alternatives to the brutal CCP and their cheap imports, but our government and the NHS are more interested in money than national security it seems, how do they not see that when you give China any kind of leverage on any institution, especially in the health sector, that they will not find a way to weaponise that against us if they ever see fit. Also with a possible invasion of Taiwan by the CCP around the corner and the seemingly inevitable confrontation with the U.S, it seems our government is blind to the possibility of this risk during future geopolitical spats.

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