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Today is May 17th. Greetings, my honored fellow fighters. 

Brother-7 has run out of money, so I can only afford a cup of coffee.

Hello, brothers and sisters. Since very early this morning I have been up to my neck in work, I don’t have even the tiniest bit of spare time. Lots of events are in progress. And the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is undoubtedly going to be finished; it is totally over!

Since Yesterday, that was Monday afternoon European time… until this weekend at about four o’clock in the afternoon, I believe Europe will take a series of significant actions, applying economic, trade, and financial sanctions against the CCP. But these measures may not be announced publicly, it’s not certain whether they will be made public.  

In addition, next, you will see the US deploying military forces around CCP China, while “cleansing” [the CCP’s infiltrators] within the US. The US is speeding up the process — to purge those who have US passports yet have been working hard to assist the CCP in evil deeds.

This will include those overseas pseudo-pro-democracy bastards, certain foreign financial institutions, as well as representatives of many international organizations sent by CCP. Anyone who has ever served the CCP is going to be finished this time — you are definitely screwed!

So, brothers and sisters, I can really sense it. I was in the meetings from four o’clock this morning until about eight o’clock, and I was exhilarated. Foreigners have finally understood that the Chinese Communist Party cannot represent the Chinese people.

The Chinese have been cheated for so long and suffered untold harm. The Chinese are even more miserable than the Russians. So we have to liberate them and destroy the Chinese Communist Party.

Regarding the economy, you can look at the news these days about the digital currencies, the banks, and particularly what happened in Japan recently. This Thursday, I am going to have a meeting with relevant Japanese authorities, and I will talk to them about the CCP’s penetration in Japan.

The CCP now fears social media platforms very much. In the past two days, just from yesterday until today, you may have noticed that almost all the bastards who attacked me in the past, like Wei Shi (real name Meng Weixian), Huang Hebian (Gao Bingchen), and others, have emerged on GETTR launching attacks against Brother-7.

Think about it. It is the same as the “Drumstick Chicken Pan (Pan Linzheng)” in Australia and the reporting of ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). They all use the same methods, the roots of which are from the Chinese Communist Party.

Watch, all these bastards are now attacking GETTR. They claim that GETTR deleted other people’s accounts. The report of ABC News alleged GETTR to have done this. See, this is a unified global attack on us.

Do you know how I felt when I read the ABC story? Many people asked me, and I said, “Could they report more about us?” 

If you don’t keep reporting on it, the ABC News (Australia), then you’re an asshole, a son of a bitch. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post…when did I ever care about their stories about me?

You’re an asshole if you don’t keep making up stories; you better do more reporting. ABC, you’re an asshole if you don’t keep reporting, okay? You’re in cahoots with CCP, aren’t you?

The “Drumstick Chicken Pan,” Xiong Xianmin, Huang Hebian…you’re a bunch of sons of bitches. See how low you all have already gone? How cheap are you? What you have done just shows the whole world that you are in the same camp as the CCP. Otherwise, how can you all act together globally?

Who can leverage Australia’s ABC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, or Washington Post? Could it be scumbags like you? You shall not have the chance to even kiss their asses; you won’t even be allowed to enter their office buildings. You should see the faces of this bunch of assholes in life in front of these people….

Do not forget the other two crooks, Michael Waller (Senior Analyst for Strategy, Center for Security Policy) & French Wallop (founder of Strategic Vision U.S. LLC) — these assholes and bullies are like stray dogs. They could never command ABC or New York Times at all. That must be the Chinese Communist Party, right?

But I think it is a good thing, isn’t it? Come on, CCP. I am here waiting for you.

GETTR is not under our control, okay? GETTR still allows these bastards to continue…GETTR is indeed a platform that supports free speech. So the CCP truly fears GETTR.

The Himalaya Exchange is not at all under our control either. One of its large investors has reported to the relevant government authority because he was under heavy attack from the CCP. [CCP] filed a bogus case against him. But the investor is very smart.

If you want to know what CCP is like? You can look into how the Russian military made falsification reports in the war against Ukraine. See how ignorant they are. Studying the Russian army will give you an idea of the CCP army. The Russian army is the “daddy” of the CCP’s army, the “real daddy.” But the CCP’s army is even worse. So you can infer how bad it is.

I am not going to say more, and I have to go to the meetings. I have a bunch of meetings to attend today. In the afternoon, there are a couple of particularly pivotal meetings, about the hearings we have been invited to by several government departments, and we want to keep them informed.

I love this feeling — being in the “fight” from morning till night. You do not want to live a worthless life. Otherwise, what’s the point of living?

If you just want to make money, you have more and more money, and you buy a house, buy new clothes, buy a new car, and then buy many things… Although you may be able to keep buying like this until you become old — yet this is very unlikely — don’t you still end up going to another world? And you cannot be of any difference from others, can you?

Or you can go traveling; you can see your children go to a university, get a Ph.D., your son may marry a girl with a Ph.D. degree, or your daughter marry a man with a doctor degree…, but how much does that have to do with you?

So life shouldn’t be like that. What should life be like? It is just like… what we are talking about and what we are striving for — the doctrine of the “right path”. We should live genuinely as human beings, with altruistic values, and make a difference every day.

In the pursuit of a life when everyday’s in uncertainty, yet we have definite goals and beliefs, we have this unbending seeking, and head towards our own beautiful, successful, struggle-filled, and altruistic life.

So, keep in mind: do not live a life where day-to-day you suspect others, do harm to others, make falsehoods, or be like those greedy people— that must be a sad life.

I’m recording only a seven-minute video for today, not ten minutes long. There are still important things that I will share in tomorrow’s live broadcast.

Kiss you all!