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Translated by: Tokyo Sakura Group – Garrettw

It’s reported by Miles’ Gettr on May 13, GFashion is negotiating the cooperation with three logistic companies in Italy, all the commodities of GFashion will directly deliver from Italy to the world the same with Hermes, Gucci and other international brands at that time. Customers could enjoy preferential policies such as tax-free, zero-tariff, no shipping and so on.

Report has it that, top five Italian manufacturers are producing for GFashion, the brand also has huge market and fashion potential value. What’s more, its unique purpose of taking down the CCP, its sense of justice, are making some of the world’s top institutions to look forward to co-hosting the 2024 Global Fashion Show.

Image Source: gettr

Miles said, after the world has experienced a tragic war and the heavy economic collapse, the concept of fashion will be definitely different from today. In addition to the inherent attributes of glamour, fashion and creativity, there will be more political, economic, and religious elements incorporated. Therefore, GFashion the 2024 fashion show will be the world’s top and exclusive brand, a new stage belongs to the people of the New Federal State of China.           


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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